Guatemala and Honduras
Guatemala City Antigua "Chicken Bus" Stews Salads Church ruin
Volcano Market more... more.. Church ruin Parrot
Copan, Honduras Copan Copan Me and parrot Antigua Festival
Festival Festival Church ruin Market Tikal Tikal
Volcano Pacaya Tikal Tikal Antigua Tikal Tikal
This is the main cathedral in Guatemala City. "Gaute" as is it called, is a very polluted city much like Panama or Mexico City. 2# Antigua, the old capital of Guatemala has at least 15 churches knocked down by earthquakes. 3# "Chicken" bus which I took from Guatemala city to Antigua for $4.30. 4# & 5# Stews and tortillas are the big draw. Tortillas are smaller and thicker that Mexican ones. 6# Another ruin 7# Volcano. There are 3 huge volcanoes you can see from Antigua. 8, 9 10# Chichicastenango famed for its Mayan mega market, "Chichi" is a mountain town lost in time. 11# Another church. 12# Honduran parrot from Copan. 13-15# Copan, Honduras, hugh Mayan city. 16# I went to a bird sanctuary near the ruins and the guides thought this would make an amusing photo. 17# Major cathedral in Antigua. 18-20# I got lucky. This was the Antigua annual holiday. 21# More ruins. 22# Mayan market woman. 23-24# Tikla. 25 Pacaya volcano. Brought back some lava. I hope the gods are not angry with me. 26-27# Tikal, the ancient Mayan city 400 BC to 900 AD. Over 4,000 buildings most of them cover in jungles. Amazing! 28# Antigua 29-30# Tika